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Superheroes don’t need capes - they need warriors. MS warriors!
Why SelfHealth?
"Since being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I feel like I've been on an endless journey. My goal is to finally find the solution that brings me relief from my symptoms and provides an explanation for their presence.

That's why we decided to create this platform - to collect records of successful and unsuccessful attempts at treating the autoimmune disease from people like me - MS warriors. This data will help us build a broader picture of possible solutions and give us all a deeper understanding of our bodies and our health."

Alex Sokolov
What is SelfHealth?
SelfHealth is built in a way to collect and share information, current holistic approaches, and practices about MS through the data and experience of MS warriors.
Mental Health
The emotional component of personality plays an important role in the state of MSers. In this section you’ll find information about mental health and practices to improve your condition.

Balanced nutrition is one of the main recommendations of doctors, as it helps the body work properly and prevent not only symptoms, but also other concomitant diseases.

Physical Activity

The purpose of the MS Physical Activity is to educate the community how to exercise safely, and teach brain new ways to move around damaged nerves and slow progression of MS or rebuild after MS progression has been stopped.

Sleeping gives energy and restarts the body processes. This is exactly what MSers need, so we have included a section about sleeping and what to do so that the sleeping patterns are correct and safe.
Alternative treatment

lternative treatment is a good way to additionally maintain your condition. In this section, we will reveal various methods that are supported by data and practices that have helped to alleviate the condition of MSers.

35, administrative worker
I was diagnosed with MS 7 years ago, since than none of the prescribed medications by my therapist actually helped. Than I've heard about SelfHealth and what the guys there are creating and signed up as a beta tester, tested this product. It's amazing and I can really see that my experience can ease someone's life!
I’ve been living with MS for 3 years and I am mom of two toddlers. You may imagine how much energy is needed to take care of them. The first year was tough because all the instructions by doctors do not really work for me. Also, I needed people with the same conditions. That's how I found SelfHealth. I can share my story, be informed about new approaches to deal with MS, help others with advice that worked for me and simply chat and ask for help when needed at any time.
28, web-developer
Feeling fatigue, having muscle problems and always struggling with sleep for a person who is trying to build career seemed like a nightmare but with the help of SelfHealth and its community I figured out extremely helpful methods to deal with my problems. After that great advices I started to learn more about holistic approaches and now I can say that I am an official contributor and part of SelfHealth Team!
240+ MS Warriors have already joined as SelfHealth beta testers and contributors to help create the product that actually helps all MS patients out there! Join SelfHealth beta testing forces - we are stronger together!
SelfHealth beta testing forces - we are stronger together!
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