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Evidenced-based data for autoimmune conditions
Our mission is to help 24 million people in the US with autoimmune conditions get back to normal life by providing them with relevant solutions and practitioners

NB! This project is not sponsored or funded by Pharmaceutical companies
How SelfHealth works
Learn about your condition
Use our published materials, crowdsourced autoimmune wiki & live webinars with functional practitioners to learn everything you need to take care of your health
Find relevant practitioners
Tell us about your condition, symptoms & goals to find a relevant health coach or MD. We'll match you with a practitioner based on what works for people like you according to our data
Improve your quality of life
Work together with your fellow patients to find better solutions for a better life. Share your experience to help other people like you get better. It's a supportive community you can trust
I did as much research as I could and I took ownership of this illness, because if you don't take care of your body, where are you going to live
Alex Sokoloff
Founder at SelfHealth, MS Warrior
Since being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I feel like I've been on an endless journey. However, for me it's more fitting to call it a battle, a fight, or a challenge, and sometimes I've felt like I have little strength to go on. Still, my goal is to finally find the solution that brings me relief from my symptoms and provides an explanation for their presence.

In this battle, when time itself is against you, the value of reliable information is enormous. Whenever you find a new book or a forum thread, you get overwhelmed with hope, and jump into trying yet another supplement regime or lifestyle change.

Nevertheless, you may find yourself with too many books and forums to sort through and not enough time or energy. That's why I decided to create this platform - to collect records of successful and unsuccessful attempts at treating autoimmune disease from people like me. This data will help build a broader picture of possible solutions and give us all a deeper understanding of our bodies and our health.
We carefully check and moderate all the data
No medical quackery
We work with professionals to make sure there's no misleading or dubious information
Evidence-based data
Our experts check all publications to make sure that everything is trustworthy and backed by science
Information from different sources
We also collect data from autoimmune forums and online communities to build the most comprehensive picture possible
This is how we can help you
Our platform is going through R&D and development process, however, you can use some of our prototypes at the moment:
Autoimmune Wiki
  • See what's helpful for other people with your condition
Health Coaching
  • Find a relevant practitioner for your condition
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