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We work with you so that you can see your symptoms gradually improve. At the end of your program, we'll also provide you with a before & after analytics report, as well as further recommendations based on your progress.

Arianna Snyder

Self Health MS program has been quite the journey last three and half weeks. Before starting i felt bloated and having some brain fog.

I needed to maintain my food better and doing this program and having the help of Christi specifically. I’m maintaining my weight and cognition has been a lot better.

She's been phenomenal throughout this whole process she’s had provided a lot of guidance a lot of advice a lot of encouragement. You’re not doing this alone it’s been very cool to have Facebook group and have others who also have MS with you.

It's just make my daily life much much better !

Courtney Beck

My name is Courtney Beck I am 32 years old.
When I first started the MS Selfhealth journey I was bedridden, couldn’t walk and I was in massive amounts of pain every single day.
I am currently able to walk and ambulate. My optic neuritis flair is completely gone. My gut health is better and having a lot of normal bowel movements instead of incontinence.

It's been really helpful to have Christi. She’s been an absolute godsend and being able to reach out to her whenever and have any questions with food or MS related questions has been phenomenal and I am forever grateful that I was able to cross paths with this program.

Mary Kay McLeod

It’s been an amazing month I am still fairly new to being diagnosed with MS. It's only been about 3 months.
In the last month I have seen some really great improvements. I’ve started off having a lot of hand neuropathy, numbness, tingling, and it has been a notable difference in the last few weeks and I owe a lot of that to the changes in my diet.
I was actually just eating a lot of the same things before I started with this program and this is kind of help open up a lot of other options.

Being able to track my symptoms and what I was eating, water intake, my sleep, etc.

All of those things have shown me results in my energy levels and my physical symptoms. I'm just so grateful.

Nora Connolly

Hi my name is Nora Connolly and I’ve been using the MS SelfHealth program for about three weeks now.

Previously to starting the program I found I had symptoms such as fatigue, decrease in energy, brain fog, difficulty focusing on a task and energy just decreased throughout the day, some difficulty with constipation.
All symptoms I have found are affected by when I put my mouth and the MS Selfhealth program helped me track it which was awesome and cutting the dairy and gluten in the sugar really has improved how I feel and daily basis which really has been great.
About your personal health coach
I’m Christi Davis, a Health Coach specializing in Auto-Immune Wellness and Weight Loss. At the young age of 28, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

My mission today is to help other people struggling with auto-immune disease and show them how to shine and live their best life through whole body wellness and permanent lifestyle change.
My program does this at a sustainable pace making it realistic, manageable and achievable. We work side-by-side for 5 weeks truly customizing the program making it work specifically for YOU. My program keeps things real and fun while achieving your goals.
Take control of your
MS symptoms
We cannot change the past
but we can start today to make a better tomorrow
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