What is SelfHealth about?
In SelfHealth, we're creating an evidence-based platform for people with autoimmune conditions.
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We've analyzed thousands of medical papers and articles, and interviewed dozen people to provide autoimmune warriors with the holistic solutions that do work.

We believe that any autoimmune condition is not just about symptoms but is about the lifestyle, and everything shall be taken into account.
What you eat. How you sleep. How you feel and move.
Our mission is to help 24 million people in the US with autoimmune conditions get their lives back. We believe that If our work improves one person's life quality, it will still be worth it.
This project is not sponsored or funded by Pharmaceutical companies. Our one and only investor is the cyprian venture builder Embria.
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$185 for 1 month program
  • One introduction session with health coach
  • Personalized unique holistic plan
  • Weekly analytics report
$285 for 1 month program
  • 1-on-1 weekly sessions with health coach
  • Personalized unique holistic plan
  • Access to our research MS base
  • Weekly analytics report
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